The 51st APBF Championships
2016-12-21  Circular 5 for APBF Championships 2017


Korea Contract Bridge League, KCBL

Nonhyn-ro 168 18-Gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea         TEL : 02-3445-3847   FAX : 02-3445-3848



Circular 5 for APBF Championships 2017

Important Notices

Further to Circular 4, each NBO should take the following notices:

1.  Due to restrictions imposed on the APBF Official Scoring Program which prohibits

commas (,) in the names of the players and officials, we suggest when you register with names of players and officials, please use the first name first, the first letter being a Capital letter, and followed by the last name which are in all CAPITAL LETTERS.  For example,

John DOE - which has no comma sign between first name John (the first letter is a Capital letter) and the last name DOE is all capital letters.  Mine would be like

Hong Sup HAHN.  Hong Sup is my first name and HAHN is my surname.

2.  Our Circular 4 promised that the selection of the 2nd Senior teams if available will be determined by a DRAW to be taken on February 1, next year.  The DRAW  will be delayed to either February 6 or 7 when Anthony Ching visits Korea for various reasons.  We asked Anthony to do the DRAWING to avoid any unfairness.  He will announce the winners right after the DRAW..

3.  Deadlines to be Observed (Same as in Circular 4)

       31 January 2017   Registration Closes for Players and Officials

       31 March 2017           Remittance of Entry Fees

       28 February 2017 Submission of names and photos of players/officials..

       28 April 2017              Submission of all systems and supplementary notes



HongSup Hahn, Email:, Mobile: +82-10-6813-0001

Eunsun Sohn,  Email:

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