6/10/2017Daily Bulletin 12.pdf
6/7/2017Daily Bulletin 11.pdf
6/6/2017Daily Bulletin 10.pdf
6/5/2017Daily Bulletin 9.pdf
6/4/2017Daily Bulletin 8.pdf
6/2/2017Daily Bulletin 7.pdf
6/2/2017Daily Bulletin 6.pdf
6/1/2017Daily Bulletin 5.pdf
5/31/2017Daily Bulletin 4 .pdf
5/30/2017Daily Bulletin 3.pdf
5/30/2017Daily Bulletin 2.pdf
5/29/2017Supplementary Conditions of ContestSupplementary Conditions of Contest 2017.pdf
5/28/2017Girls Team Result
5/28/2017Youngster Teams Result
5/28/2017Hand Records
5/28/2017Daily Bulletin 1.pdf
5/20/2017CC of Senior Teams.rar
5/17/2017CC of Girls Teams.rar
5/13/2017General Conditions of ContestGeneral Conditions of Contest.pdf
5/9/2017CC of Youngster Teams.rar
5/1/2017CC of Open Teams.rar
5/1/2017CC of Ladies Teams.rar
5/1/2017CC of Junior Teams.rar